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It is the mission of the CFCA General Defense Fund to actively raise money to defend the fuels and convenience industry in California against regulatory and legal issues.

What Will the Defense Fund Be Used For?

The fund can be used to support industry representation and advocacy efforts not already covered by CFCA’s PAC or general budget.

  • These funds are restricted from directly supporting political candidates, direct lobbying efforts, or legislative issues emerging from the Capitol.
  • The Fund can only be used to benefit the industry, or segments of the industry, and not one individual member or company.
  • Examples of how these funds can be used would be:
    • Conducting industry related studies to arm CFCA positions
    • Hiring consultants to represent CFCA on local or regulatory agencies
    • Covering the costs of services unable to be performed by CFCA staff
    • Expenses related to participation in coalitions, tasks forces, committees, or attendance at meetings
    • Design, production, and distribution of materials needed for local and statewide advocacy efforts
    • Funding local and statewide advocacy campaigns
      • Social media promotional costs
      • Print, TV, or radio advertisement
      • Direct mail campaigns
      • Email and text messaging campaigns
    • Covering legal expenses related to industry advocacy
    • Funding direct legal action against local or statewide governments or regulatory bodies
    • Funding CFCA emergency regulatory efforts
  • Use of General Defense Fund dollars will be rooted in transparency with a commitment by CFCA to use these funds only as explicitly outlined by this charter
  • Members can contribute to the Fund on behalf of their business and/or individually
  • Members can deduct Fund donations for income tax purposes as a business expense, not a charitable expense.
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