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2023 GR Highlights

CFCA Continues to Advocate on Behalf of Your Business.

Local Issues

  • Gas station bans continue to proliferate among city councils.
    • Sonoma County (unincorporated areas) adopted a ban, Town of Yountville, Angels Camp and Fairfax all proposed bans.
  • Moratoriums or caps on additional retail tobacco licenses are being considered by councils.
    • City of Vista is the latest to consider a cap.

State Legislature

  • Reporting Bills
    • SBX1-2 (Skinner) Price Gouging Penalty: SIGNED: March 26, 2023
      • Significant reporting requirements for major marketers
      • Passed implementation to CEC and CDTFA
    • SB 253 (Weiner) Scope 1, 2, and 3 Emissions: SIGNED
      • Applies to all CA business entities with total annual revenues exceeding $1 billion; by 2026
    • SB 261 (Stern) Climate Related Financial Risk Reporting: SIGNED
      • Applies to all CA business entities with total annual revenues exceeding $500 million; by Dec 31, 2024
  • Ban Bills
    • AB 1614 (Gabriel) Study to phase out gas stations: VETOED
    • AB 627 (Jackson) Heavy Duty Truck ban in Riverside & San Bernardino counties: KILLED
    • AB 418 (Gabriel) “Skittles Ban”: SIGNED
    • SB 728 (Limon) Plastic Gift Card Ban: VETOED
  • Labor Bills
    • SB 616 (Gonzalez) 5 Days Paid Sick Leave for all employers: SIGNED
    • AB 1228 (Holden) Fast Food Act Agreement: SIGNED
      • $20 minimum wage for Fast Food Chain employees beginning April 1, 2024
      • Removed AB 257 Referendum from 2024 Ballot
    • SB 553 (Cortese) Workplace Violence Prevention Plan: SIGNED
  • Major CFCA Win
    • CFCA championed AB 1115 (Papan), which was signed into law, and will extend the underground storage tank fund for an additional 10 years to 2036. CFCA worked diligently this Legislative Session to get this bill introduced and across the finish line. The fund serves as a critical financial assurance mechanism for all our members who own underground storage tanks. Should a leak be discovered, the fund can be utilized to cover clean-up costs. Without the fund, even if a leak is never present, our members would have had to contend with extremely costly insurance premiums to cover their tanks. This was a top legislative priority CFCA supported and championed through the Legislature.

CA Air Resources Board

  • CARB adopts Advanced Clean Fleets regulation on April 27, 2023
    • Internal combustion engine ban for heavy duty vehicles
    • High priority fleets - $50 million or more in gross annual revenues or 50+ heavy duty vehicles
      • Model Year Schedule: Phase in begins in 2024 for new purchases; By 2025 remove ICE vehicles by end of useful life.
      • ZEV Milestone Option: Meet ZEV targets as a percentage of total fleet.

Other Notable Issues

  • Proposition 65 Notice of Violations spreading across the state.
  • 2024 Minimum Wage Increase
    • $16 minimum wage starts January 1, 2024
      • Exempt salary: $66,560
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