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GR Report Card

2022 GR Highlights

Local Issues

  • Gas station bans continue to spread
    • LA City Council is the most recent, and the largest city, to explore the potential for a gas station ban
    • Previously was mostly contained in the North Bay Area

State Legislature

  • Governor Newsom continues to push an aggressive climate bill package in the State Legislature
    • 7 bills of his climate package during the 2022 session were passed
    • AB 1279: Climate Crisis Act - Requires the State to reduce emissions by at least 85% below the 1990 level no later than 2045.
    • AB 1757: Requires the State determine range of targets for natural carbon sequestration, and for nature-based climate solutions.
    • AB 2438: Requires various state transportation programs to incorporate strategies from the Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure (CAPTI) into program guidelines
    • SB 905: Establishes a framework for carbon capture/storage.
    • SB 1020: Establishes interim targets to the statewide 100% clean energy policy: 90% clean energy electricity by 2035, 95% by 2040.
    • SB 1137: Prevents construction of new oil wells within 3,200 feet of sensitive sites including (among others) schools, hospitals and homes.
    • SB 1314: Prohibits the use of carbon capture systems that involve enhanced oil recovery.
  • AB 257, by Assemblymember Holden, was also signed into law by Governor Newsom. AB 257 establishes the Fast Food Council composed of franchisees and franchisors, workers, and representatives of the administration. It also authorizes the Council to establish minimum employment standards on wages and working conditions. The Council cannot raise minimum wage above $22 per hour in 2023.
  • Senate Pro Tem Toni Atkins authored SB 1013, which was signed into law and will provide for reform of CalRecycle’s Beverage Container Recycling requirements by exempting a dealer that has demonstrated to the department that the dealer has gross annual sales of less than $1,500,000, excluding sales of fuel, or is less than 5,000 square feet.
    • These exemptions to dealers go into effect on January 1, 2025.

CA Air Resources Board

  • CARB adopted the Advanced Clean Cars II regulation – Governor Newsom’s 2035 Internal Combustion Engine ban.

    • Requires manufacturers to meet fleet emissions averages aside from ZEV.

    • Plug-in Hybrids will increase quickly.

    • ICE Vehicles can still be sold used, registered at DMV, and purchased in other states.

  • CARB held a public hearing to consider the proposed Advanced Clean Fleets regulation.
    • Similar to Advanced Clean Cars II, but will ban the sale of medium and heavy duty Internal Combustion Engine vehicles by 2045
    • Phased-in” approach
      • High Priority” Fleets: 50+ trucks and $50 million in revenue
      • By 2024 - Fleet additions must be ZEV

Props on Ballot

  • Proposition 31, a referendum on the flavored tobacco ban, will be heading to voters on their November General Election ballots
    • If the referendum is not successful, retailers must pull all inventory from their shelves after the vote is certified by the Secretary of State.
    • CFCA joined the coalition to vote NO on Prop 31
  • Proposition 30 would increase the tax on personal income above $2 million by 1.75%, and dedicate the funds to zero-emission vehicles subsidies, zero-emissions infrastructure, and wildfire suppression and prevention programs.
    • This will increase costs across the state, and limit innovation for other technologies and solutions that help to reduce emissions. It is also duplicative of existing state and federal funding mechanisms that are dedicated to these projects.
    • CFCA joined the coalition to vote NO on Prop 30.

2023 Priorities

  • Top Legislative Priorities

    • Introduce a bill to extend the sunset date of the Underground Storage Tank cleanup fund, which is currently set to sunset on January 1, 2026.

CFCA Continues to Advocate on Behalf of Your Business.

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