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Preferred Vendors

CFCA member benefits were created with the intent of helping CFCA members reduce their cost of doing business.

At CFCA, we are committed to developing strategic alliances with the best vendors in the industry. These partners are selected because they provide excellent customer service, discounted rates and are truly interested in helping our members reduce their day-to-day operational expenses.

Once we identify a need for a particular program or service, we research the industry, conduct our due diligence, and identify the leaders. Our key selection criteria include the organization’s financial strength, level of customer service, and reputation of the organization. Regardless if the selected program is unique or exclusive to CFCA members, it must be an added-value for our membership.

If you have any questions about any of the CFCA member programs or are interested in a partnership with CFCA please contact Elizabeth Graham at (916) 646-5999 or

Employee Benefits & Health Insurance
Business Credit Reports
Credit Card Processing
Workers’ Compensation
HR Legal Services
Office Supplies
Tobacco Retailer Training
Property Liability
Safety Signs and Labels
Uniform Rental & Facility Services
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