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Heavy-Duty ICE Bans

On April 28, 2023, the California Air Resources Board passed the Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF) regulation. ACF requires medium and heavy-duty fleet owners to transition their fleets to zero-emission vehicles by 2045. The rule went into effect on January 1, 2024, but has not yet been enforced due to lawsuits filed by the California Trucking Association and Western States Trucking Association.

The rule poses a catastrophic threat to our industry, which is why CFCA supports CTA and WSTA in their lawsuits against the regulation.


*Please select CTA ACF Lawsuit: Heavy Duty ICE Ban or WSTA ACF Lawsuit: Heavy Duty ICE Ban under Gift Details of donation form


If desired, direct donations to CTA can be submitted here:

Theft Reduction: Prop 47 Reform

Whether it is fuel theft, skimming, shoplifting, or property damage, our industry has been at the forefront of bearing the consequences of Proposition 47 since it was passed by voters in 2014. The Homelessness, Drug Addiction, and Theft Reduction Act takes the necessary steps to reform Prop 47 and restore accountability for the crimes committed against our businesses.

Theft and property damage increases the cost of doing business, puts insurance coverage at risk of cancelled policies or skyrocketing premiums, and threatens the safety of our employees.

PAGA Reform

The California Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) was enacted in 2004. PAGA was intended to serve as a mechanism for workers to resolve labor disputes, however, this system has been abused by trial attorneys to frivolously go after businesses of all sizes on even the most minor of errors – like a typo on a pay stub. The lawyers who file these class action lawsuits against businesses have made billions over the past two decades, while workers receive pennies on the dollar. The only folks served by PAGA’s current structure are the trial attorneys.

CFCA supports a Legislative fix to restructure PAGA in a way that will minimize lawsuits and protect businesses against attacks by trial attorneys.


*Please select PAGA Reform under Gift Details of donation form


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